Teddyb3 is a Pennsylvania Native that loves to ride his Goldwing Motorcycle. Born in 1955 (you do the math) I starting riding on a old 250cc Yamaha 2 cycle motorcycle. Then about a year later went up to a 400cc Kawasaki. Niether seemed to fit me well so I was without a motorcycle till I purchased a Honda cb500t which I added a vetter fairing and saddlebags along with a travel trunk. It was then that I knew I enjoyed riding with all the goodies on a motorcycle. Then in 1987 My first wife left me and my 4 daughters. So as soon as I could I got myself something that was only a vision before. My first Goldwing it wasn't in the greatest of shape BUT it was a 1975 GL1000 Goldwing. With the vetter fairing and bags and trunk. Again a problem of a good nature happened. I met Kathy. and she came with 4 children also. So with raising and supporting 8 children motorcycles went away since there was no time for riding and the money was better spent on other things for the family. Then the kids did something they always do. They grew up so in 1998 Kathy and I decided they were old enough to be at home alone for a few hours at a time so we went out and found ourselves our next Goldwing. A 1984 GL1200I. We rode it for a while and found out we really enjoyed getting out and riding But then again motorcycles went to the wayside when we started remodeling the house. Then in 2005 with only the youngest boy being the only one at home anymore and with him being 21 we decided it was time to see our great country. So in March we went and bought a 1989 GL1500 and after going over it and getting it ready to go on trips Kathy and I went to get her a headset for her helmet and there it was the bike you see on the front page a 1993 GL1500SE all decked out with everything imaginable. Kathy would not shut up till it was in our garage. So we bite the bullet and took out a loan for it. That 1993 served us well on our first trip down to Knoxville Tennesse and then to Memphis and then up to Kentucky and into Ohio where we got to see the factory were it was made. Then since we loved that trip so much in 2006 we went to Texas to the WOTI (Wings on the Internet) Alamo Run, After meeting many great people there we went up and over to see the Texas Stadium where the COWBOYS call Home. Being that is her favorite team (She loves Football) she was overjoyed to be able to stand on that big huge star in the middle of the field. But to her regret we had to leave there and headed over into South Carolina to visit someone that is like a brother from WOTI Lee Barnett. After swapping stories for a few hours we headed up to Mooresville North Carolina to see what we could of all the Nascar stuff there and after a day there we had to head home so we could go back to that four letter would we all have (WORK). Well in 2007 tragedy struck and on April 20th a Motorcyclists worst nightmare struck. A Cager wasn't paying attention to his driving and turned left in front of me. Luckily I was only going 25mph at the time but it still put me in the hospial for 10 days and off work for 9 - 10 weeks. And it destroyed our 1993 GL1500SE that Kathy loved. Well as soon as I could I got the old 1989 all ready to ride again and set out to get over the fear you have after a wreck on a bike. The first mile or two were scary but after a while you do feel better on the motorcycle. After riding that for about 1000 miles again I left Kathy get on and ride with me on it. Then John Garner (Bald Eagle) went and just had to keep pestering about the 2008 GL1800's having pearl white again and found a dealer in Ohio that was selling them for a lot less then any dealer around here. So since he pestered so much it was up to him to drive me out there to purchase it. So now we have in our garage a 1989 GL1500, a wrecked 1993 GL1500SE, and a 2008 GL1800. So in December of 2007 since Kathy stood by me and was my dedicated nurse I felt she needed something real special for Christmas. So what could I do that would be special for her. Well she loves Texas so I set out to find what could I do that has Texas involved. I went out and searched the internet and bought some land in Livingston, Texas. It was going to be a big surprise till one day 3 weeks before Christmas we got a priority letter in the mail and since I put the land in both names (being we are married) she opened it while I was at work. Did you ever see a kid that overdosed on sugar? Well that was how she was jumping all over the place and so overjoyed that it made me feel that I must have thought of the ultimate gift for her. So then in May of 2008 we went down to Livingston, Texas so she could see her land. We spent 9 days there and found out we liked the area around the lake so as soon as we can we are going to move out of Pennsylvania and head down to Texas.